Petrochemical Processing

Whether it’s a grassroots complex, plant revamp, debottlenecking or energy conservation project, Chart is the right partner for maximizing product recovery and energy efficiency of cryogenic processing systems. Primarily centred around our Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchanger expertise our scope of supply extends from a single heat exchanger right through to a complete flange to flange cold box solution comprising heat exchangers, vessels, interconnecting pipework and ancillary valves and instrumentation. Chart specializes in the following areas.

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Ammonia Production

With over 80% of the world’s ammonia production being dedicated to fertilizer manufacture, often in remote locations, proven performance and maximum reliability is paramount. That’s why leading ammonia technology licensors have selected Chart as a preferred supplier for their synthesis gas purification systems. Chart supplies detailed process design along with mechanical design and fabrication of complete cold box assemblies, including the necessary supporting equipment to effect the required separation and purification.

Ethylene Production

Chart supplies brazed aluminum heat exchangers and cold boxes custom designed for all cryogenic heat recovery configurations offered by the industry’s technology licensors.We also provide in-kind replacement systems for existing and revamped facilities. Key to Chart’s success is the ability to design and fabricate systems which make use of our proprietary heat transfer knowledge and equipment.

Propane Dehydrogenation

Approximately 5% of the world’s propylene supply is produced commercially by dehydrogenation of propane. Chart is a pre-qualified supplier of the mission critical cryogenic hydrogen / propylene separation system for the principal propane dehydrogenation processes and offers complete end-to-end “Concept-to-Reality” designs.

Hydrogen Recovery

Chart is a leader in cryogenic process design in the areas of industrial gas and light hydrocarbon systems where hydrogen recovery is essential. We offer design and fabrication of process systems for hydrogen separation, purification, liquefaction and reliquefaction.