LNG Plant

Liquefied Natural Gas

Plant Type Typical Plant Capacity (tpd)
Peak Shaving 50 – 200
Small-scale (standard plant solution) 100 – 750
Mid-scale (modular plant solution) 1000 – 6000
Baseload >7500

With natural gas poised to overtake coal as the world’s 2nd largest fuel source and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) set to take an increased share of the overall gas supply picture, Chart’s core competencies and solutions are central to the industry’s development around the world.

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Peak Shaving

Chart’s design and manufacturing experience covers new facilities, cold box replacements and performance upgrades.


Chart’s solution for monetizing small-scale gas reserves comprises a standard liquefaction plant. Primarily aimed at liquid fuel replacement, LNG vehicle fueling and LNG virtual pipeline applications the standard liquefaction plant can feature as the first component in a complete LNG value chain solution (Liquefaction – Distribution – Storage – End Use) supplied by Chart through the Energy & Chemicals and Distribution & Storage groups. For more information visit www.chartlng.com


Chart’s tailored solution for monetizing mid-scale gas reserves through LNG liquefaction comprises “Scale-Adapted” liquefaction trains, of up to 2.0 MMTPA, utilizing proven shop fabricated equipment available commercially in today’s market and our own IPSMR® liquefaction process that improves operating efficiency and reduces power consumption compared to competing technologies. The result is reduced capital cost, faster project execution and quicker Liquefied Natural Gas to market for mid-sized gas fields.

Shop fabrication is maximized in order to minimize field construction and plants can be deployed on and offshore.

Chart offers pre-feasibility studies, scope development and detailed design services with the fabrication of our proprietary equipment.


Chart offers a flange to flange solution for the ethylene and methane process cold boxes for the ConocoPhillips Optimized Cascade® Process. The scope includes brazed aluminum heat exchangers (BAHX), inter-connecting pipe work, process separators and Core-in-Kettle® units.