Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers

Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers

Chart’s Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers (BAHX) are at the heart of cryogenic gas processing applications worldwide and offer vastly superior heat transfer performance versus their shell and tube counterparts. The Chart pedigree began over 60 years ago with the Trane company and in the 90’s incorporated the unification of the Altec and Marston brands, both giants in the field and world renowned for quality, reliability and ‘can do’ attitude. That ethos remains today and Chart remains at the forefront of technical development offering higher performing heat exchangers at increasingly higher pressures for further process optimisation.

Superior Performance

A Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchanger is typically 20% the size of a shell and tube exchanger of comparable performance. Furthermore, the alternating plate fin construction offers multiple stream capability and simplifies a series of shell and tube units to a single compact structure.

  • All aluminum construction for maximum heat transfer and thermal conductivity.
  • High performance heat transfer fins.
  • Bespoke design for optimum thermal and hydraulic performance.
  • Reduced temperature approach provides operational power savings and reduced compressor first costs.
  • Reduced ancillary costs.
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Each Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchanger consists of alternating layers of corrugated fins (secondary heat transfer surface) separated by flat plates (primary heat transfer surface). Apart from the fluid entry and exit ports the edges are sealed with bars and the unit is brazed in a vacuum furnace. Construction is completed by attaching and welding the headers and nozzles over the entry and exit ports and the finished unit is rigorously tested for mechanical strength and leaks prior to despatch.

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Process & Mechanical Design

  • Custom design to meet customer’s thermal and hydraulic performance requirements.
  • Proprietary in-house high performance simulation software results in optimal configurations. However, designs can be cross-checked against commercially available software for added piece of mind.
  • Comprehensive range of heat transfer fins and patterns, all proven to facilitate maximum design flexibility.
  • A rigorous development program supports Chart’s commitment to continued improvements in thermal efficiency and high pressure design capability.
  • Heat exchangers can be offered in accordance with all recognised applicable national design codes and Chart holds all major international quality accreditations.


  • Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers are Mission Critical Equipment for all cryogenic processing applications including Air Separation, LNG liquefaction, Nitrogen Rejection, NGL Recovery and other low temperature natural gas and petrochemical processing processes.
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After-sales Service & Support

  • Installation support ranging from advice through on-site supervision through to a complete installation service.
  • Technical advice and tuition.
  • Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers typically provide many years of trouble free operation and breakdowns are extremely rare with complete failures rarer still. However, when they do occur Chart recognises the importance of having the plant fully on line with the minimum of delay and consequently we offer a complete field repair service where all remedial work is carried out by specialist personnel and endorsed with the ASME R code stamp. In the event that a replacement unit is required Chart will accommodate ‘quick ship’ requests and offers complete flange to flange replacement units regardless of the OEM.