About Chart E&C

Chart Energy & Chemicals' cryogenic process design and system fabrication experience dates back to the 1950's when, as part of Arthur D. Little, we developed the first viable Helium Liquefaction System. Since that time, using process technology and know-how pioneered by Chart, the business has developed to focus on cryogenic hydrocarbon processing applications with target markets including Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Nitrogen Rejection Units (NRU), Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Recovery, Hydrogen Recovery and other specialty cryogenic separation and recovery systems.

Chart holds patents on many of these areas.

Furthermore, Chart is a world leader in the design and manufacture of mission critical cryogenic gas processing equipment including Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, and it is the joining of our process technology and proprietary equipment that enables us to offer robust, reliable and cost efficient 'Concept-to-Reality' solutions to address evolving industry challenges and new markets.